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Learn to play online OMAHA POKER in features easy to learn tips for becoming OMAHA POKER pro.

The big distinction from TEXAS HOLD’EM is the player start with ‘4 hole’ cards and is required to use 2 of them, to make a perfect combination of hands with the community cards on board.


Betting starts with the player sitting to the left of big blind and gets the basic choices of the "CALL" , "RAISE" , "CHECK" and "FOLD".

Betting rules remains the same whether it is free roll or cash play and betting size differs only in case the game type a person plays i.e.

  1. POT-LIMIT : Where-in the player bets what’s in the pot at the time of betting.
  2. NO-LIMIT : Player can bet any amount.
  3. FIXED-LIMIT : Specific limit applied for each round and game.

POT-LIMIT OMAHA is played the most and the considering minimum bet in pot-limit Omaha , It is the same as size of the big blind and can be raised by players to the pot size.

  1. Every player is provided four cards each, known as ‘HOLE CARDS’ and is allowed to use any two of them.( When going for combinations)
  2. The player to the left of dealer starts the small blind and the next persons go for big blind.
  3. The betting starts and after that "FLOP" kicks off and consists of the three ‘COMMUNITY CARDS’.
  4. After the "FLOP", another round of betting starts and if the bet continues the other players in the hand needs to call, raise or fold.
  5. The fourth card is introduced and betting goes on, until the last card is introduced in community, what follows is another betting round.
  6. After going through the best combinations possible via two ‘Hole Cards’ and three ‘Community Cards’ , showdown begins and highest five cards wins the spot.
NOTE: When a player wins a hand, the card that makes up the win are highlighted and the remaining cards are grayed out.
Approved by all Major Banks in India
Pokeryaar winnings total 25,0000.00
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Residents of the states of Assam, Gujarat, Odisha and Telangana, and where otherwise prohibited by law are not eligible to register on


Residents of the states of Assam, Gujarat, Odisha and Telangana, and where otherwise prohibited by law are not eligible to register on